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Sep 29, 2011

The New Waste Regulations

The new waste regulations came into force on 29th September 2011.

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 state that as a producer of waste you will be required to apply the new “Waste Hierarchy” before disposal.

The Waste hierarchy is:

  1. Prevention
  2. Preparing for re-use
  3. Recycling
  4. Other recovery
  5. Disposal


Defra have produced a leaflet ‘Guidance on applying the Waste Hierarchy’ which is available online here.

Additionally Waste Transfer notes from 28 September 2011 must also include the 2007 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of the person transferring the waste. If you are unsure of your SIC code then you can download the SIC catalogue here or search on line using free webcheck. Just click on the webcheck link and search on your company name.

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