WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment)

Paperchain offers a comprehensive disposal service for all electrical and electronic equipment and are fully licensed to deal with your hazardous WEEE.

All businesses that use and, therefore, need to dispose of end of life electrical and electronic equipment must comply with the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 that states “WEEE has to be treated in accordance with the requirements of Article 6 of the WEEE Directive”. Paperchain are fully able to help you satisfy this legal requirement, please see below for more information on the regulations and your responsibilities.

Prices* – a selection for single items, please call for quotation

Computer Monitor/Television £15
Full computer System inc monitor & peripherals for one system £20
Full computer System as above with Hard Drive Data Removal £30
Laptop £10
Other items including Printers, Base Units, Photocopiers, Kettles £5+50p /kg
Environmental Agency Hazardous Waste Transfer Note charge
for any collection containing Hazardous Waste eg monitor

A Waste Transfer Note for non hazardous WEEE is issued at the time of collection free of charge.

* For collections outside the Exeter city area we raise an additional ‘distance surcharge’ – please enquire.

Your Business & the Regulations that apply to Paperchain’s WEEE Disposal Service

You will need to comply with the WEEE Regulations if you generate any electrical or electronic waste.

All businesses that use electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) must comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. This includes all domestic or household EEE that you may use on your premises. For all non-household EEE either the producer or end user is responsible for the disposal of the products.

If you give your WEEE to someone else you must ensure that they are a registered waste carrier (1) or other approved person. You must ensure that it is accompanied by a waste transfer note (2) or hazardous waste consignment note (3) (as appropriate) and taken to a suitable facility to be treated and recycled.

(1) Paperchain is an Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier DEV/231020
(2) Paperchain provides you with a Waste Transfer Note upon collection of your WEEE.
(3) Paperchain provide you with a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note, this only applies to Paperchain’s Computer Monitor Recycling Service.

You must obtain and keep proof that your WEEE was given to a waste management business, and was treated and disposed of in an environmentally sound way.

You may be prosecuted if you fail to comply with the regulations.

You will need to comply with the WEEE Regulations if you generate, handle or dispose of waste that falls under one of ten categories of WEEE:

  • 1. Large household appliances
  • 2. Small household appliances
  • 3. IT and telecommunications equipment
  • 4. Consumer equipment
  • 5. Lighting equipment
  • 6. Electrical and electronic tools
  • 7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment
  • 8. Medical devices
  • 9. Monitoring and control equipment
  • 10. Automatic dispensers.

Some waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is classified as hazardous/special waste. This includes WEEE that contains:

  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • ozone depleting substances (ODS) (eg fridges and freezers)
  • asbestos
  • cadmium
  • lead
  • Cathode ray tubes, found in televisions and older computer monitors.

If you produce over 500kg of WEEE per year containing any of the above hazardous waste substances, your business must register as a Hazardous Waste Producer. You can register for £18 online as a hazardous waste producer on the Environment Agency Website, for more info and to register click here.

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